We have put together posts introducing to you the hosts of Home and Belonging, the team of facilitators, as well as providing a compilation of useful resources. You can read our reflection on the event, featuring details on the Funding Initiative

  • Barbara Mertlova

Useful Resources

Materials to use in prototypes

Generally, please do not use copyrighted material in any of your products. Material you can use includes the following:

  • Material published as “public domain.”

  • Material published under an appropriate Creative Commons license (there are several different licenses, so please always check what license applies).

  • Material which you buy online, and where you buy a license to use it (it can be quite cheap).

  • Material you make yourself.

So, make use of some of these sources of usable images, music, sound, etc.

Online creative tools

There are a number of free to use online tools that can help you in building a prototype.

Service design tools:

NESTA's excellent guide to prototyping

Some service design methods with download templates from Open Change

Digital storytelling

You can download a Handbook of Digital Storytelling - a resource which helps people develop digital storytelling skills. It is intended for use by anyone who has an interest in using digital media literacy skills for storytelling and contains themes and examples of work together with suggested exercises to help develop digital storytelling skills.

Here is also a post introducing to using digital storytelling as a service design tool.​

Want to know more?

There's some great material available that goes into real depth about service design and public services. We suggest that you start with this reading list.

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