Read what people have said about our Home and Belonging event.



Having a fab team!

Being with like-minded young people.

The energy.

How different the activities were and the passion of the team of facilitators.

Meeting new people/networking.


Working with the young people.

The people.

The collaboration

Watching people work through the process & learning.

All of it. And meeting everyone.

The dynamism.

The variety.

Involvement of the young people.

Style of facilitation.

There are lots of people ready to make change.

Making the video.


Working with others.

Meeting new people. New ideas.

The talks, being challenged to think about things differently.

Meeting great people (networking).

All the brilliant ideas.

All of it. But especially the inclusion of young people!

The venue, the team.

Meeting people from different backgrounds.

Input from care experienced young people.

Lightning talks – holds attention.

The energy in the room.

Meeting lots of new people.

The structure of the 2 days. Mix of inspirational speakers and practical tasks.

Having the opportunity to explore an idea in depth.

Being part of such a thought-provoking experience.




Be radical!

New prototyping tools.

More design skills.

The design processes.

People do want change! And it will happen!

To think more out the box.

To open up and be radical.

About time lapse!

The processes of design.

I earned a lot! And will take it with me.

Development tools.

About problems care experienced leavers face.

That lots of people do care.

Too much to list. Loads of ideas for future.

Ideas rule. Ideas you can see have more impact.

New tools for project design. How many people are working/passionate in this area.

Learned about the funding available.

Relationships are key.

How to be more creative.

Tools and knowledge.

How to narrate a video!

Lots about service design processes (very useful tools).

To be radical!

A great deal about design.

That we’re on the right track. That there are easy ways to do things better.

That I had a lot to give and contribute

About so many different views.

A lot about care experienced young people.

How to be more creative.



Feedback to work.

Feedback to CEO and arrange meeting with social work.

Share my learning with my team,

Arrange to meet with the manager for vulnerable care experienced young people.

Sleep and rest.

Tell my colleagues we need to work with great people in Scotland.

Not wake up at 8 o’clock.

Mentally work through everything that is to come.

Talk to everyone in my team.

Learn how to make a film!

Think about who to contact.

Contact other projects to work together.

Learn more.

Keep in contact with others.

Speak to my champs board and see if we will do something we want to do.

Speak to team about what we could do next/differently.

Contact young people.

Email the young people and arrange visits.

Begin re-designing my and prototyping my current work project.

Speak with young people and let them brainstorm ideas.

Change the world (…one small deed at a time).

Read about funding opportunities.

Share my learning!

Talk to our fundraising team re: ideas!

Try to keep being radical.

Be spending time mulling over all the new ideas going around in my head.

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