Welcome to Home and Belonging.

This two-day event, hosted by the Life Changes Trust Care Experienced Young People Programme, marks the launch and first stage of the £4m Home and Belonging Funding Initiative. It is an opportunity for those interested in applying to this fund, and those with a particular interest in this work to meet a wide range of people, build relationships and start to develop bold and radical proposal ideas. Our key objective is to bring fresh perspectives to this area of work, and build new collaborations.

The Home & Belonging initiative aims to make a significant contribution towards transforming care experienced young people’s experiences as they grow and develop beyond formal care and are supported to find a strong sense of home and belonging in their own communities. This funding initiative has been designed to provide an inspiring opportunity to imagine fulfilling futures for care experienced young people; we will create spaces for people to explore fresh concepts and move beyond existing models of service and support – this event is the start of this process.

The event is structured around a design-led approach, facilitated by the Open Change innovation company. You will experience diverse ideas and new working methods, build new connections and see how a structured innovation process can produce concrete and human-centered results in just 48 hours. By moving through a common innovation process, participants move away from well-trodden paths, building on each other's ideas to take practical, constructive steps towards novel solutions.

Home and Belonging Tips

1. If in doubt, just ask one of the organisers. They are wearing the Open Change badges and are happy to help.


2. Be familiar with the outline programme in this handbook and the detailed programme on the wall. The one on the wall has any last minute changes.


3. We are using Twitter, YouTube and our website to document the event using the hashtag #homeandbelong 


4. If you use Twitter please follow: @HomeandBelong


5. Please write your name on your badge and wear it throughout the jam. It helps people know who you are.


6. Seek out new people. You may have come with colleagues, but use this as an opportunity to work with new people and learn from them.


7. This isn’t about coming up with new ideas and talking about them - it’s about prototyping something new and demonstrating how it works.


8. Trust the process – you will sometimes feel lost.


9. Enjoy yourself!


Download a PDF version of the Home and Belonging

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